If you follow our Twitter (@rbyrnesource), you may have seen that the latest issue of Vogue Australia featured Rose as written on the cover. After a few weeks of research (and help), I’ve been able to finally find scans and a few photoshoot pictures. I must thanks A LOT Eden who found the first scans, you really should visit her Tumblr, it is a real treasure. Thanks again Eden!

Magazine Scans > 2015 > Vogue Australia May 2015
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2015 > Session 002 by Hugh Stewart

As hoped, Rose showed up at the 2015 Met Gala : “China: Through The Looking Glass”. She looked totally gorgeous in a custom Calvin Klein leather dress, styled by Penny Lovell! Her hair and makeup were done by her friends Harry Josh & Hung Vanngo who certainly know how to make her look fabulous! A few HQs and MQs are now available in the gallery and I hope to find even more of them!

Public Appearances > 2015 > “China: Through The Looking Glass” Met Gala

Rose was quite busy in April and it looks like May won’t be more quiet as a few dates have been announced here and there on the web. I thought it might be interesting to collect all the informations and let you know her about what to expect in May!

May, 04 – Met Ball in New York
Rose isn’t officially announced BUT she appears in one guest list (JustJared) AND Penny Lovell (Rose’s stylist) is working on the event (Instagram). Rose may not be her only client but it’s still relevant.
May, 07 – Pratt Institute Fashion Show + Cocktail Benefit in New York
Rose is announced to honor Francisco Costa, women’s creative director of Calvin Klein Collection (Source)
May, 27 – ‘Spy’ European Premiere at Leicester Square, London (UK)
Announced by Paul Feig on Twitter. No list of the actors attending the even yet. (Source)

Also, the ‘The Meddler’ shooting is now over and ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ just began filming in Montreal with the ‘young’ cast.

After (and before) the bling of the red carpet, Rose took part yesterday in the 2015 Media for Social Impact Summit at the United Nations to talk about the It’s On Us campaign. If you don’t remember, Rose appeared in their campaign you can (re)watch here but now it looks like she taking her involvement to the next level by speaking about the campaign awareness campaign to fight campus sexual assault at the United Nations. Obviously, there’s not a lot of pictures of the ‘event’ apart pictures taken by people in the audience. I retweeted most of them on our twitter (@rbyrnesource) and here’s a preview. I’m personally really happy to see Rose taking part in this kind of important society subject, she proves she’s way more than a pretty face and a great actress which is why I’m truly a fan of her!

I’m terribly and really sorry about that but I finally managed to make this post about the latest additions in the gallery about the CinemaCon Festival. If you check the gallery, it’s nothing new but well, better late than never! More than 300 pictures have been added, including a LOT of HQs.

With two movies coming in theaters really soon and the lauch of The Dollhouse, Rose has been the subject or mentioned in a lot of articles, interviews and blog posts. At first, I wanted to make one post by article but quickly, I realised it would be way too much so here’s a recap of all the press articles that surfaced online this past week. Each of them are really interesting and worth a read!

Rose Byrne on Nick Kroll: ‘He’s very sweet with his parents’ (NY Post)
Rose Byrne on Surviving the ‘Annie’ Flop, ‘Bridesmaids’ Reunion, and Her Comedy Takeover (The Daily Beast)
Why Rose Byrne is reading ‘The Féminine Mystique’ now (Elle US)
Rose Byrne helped boyfriend Bobby Cannavale land movie role (Page Six)
Melissa McCarthy-Rose Byrne chemistry is the secret formula in ‘Spy’ (LA Times)
Rose Byrne Talks Spy, Neighbors 2, and X-Men: Apocalypse (Comic Book)
Rose Byrne On Playing The Pregnant Woman Movies Are Scared To Show (Refinery 29)
10 Audition Tapes That Made Now-Famous Actors’ Careers (Time)

After establishing herself as a dramatic actress during a five-season stint on the underrated FX legal thriller, Damages, Rose Byrne has remade herself as a comedic powerhouse. It all began with her winning turn in Bridesmaids, and since then Byrne has burnished that cred with movies like Neighbors and as the villain in Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming comedy, Spy. In her latest movie, Adult Beginners, Byrne stars opposite Nick Kroll and her real-life boyfriend Bobby Cannavale in a deliciously cynical comedy about a venture capitalist who loses everything before finding love with his sister and her husband. Thirty-two stories above Manhattan at the Trump SoHo hotel, we spoke to Byrne about acting alongside her partner, the lack of female directors in Hollywood, and the important charity work she’s involved in.

What first attracted you to the project?
The screenplay was so beautiful, and well written. I just really fell in love. I read it so fast and I was just like, this is one of the best things I’ve read in a really long time. It’s a quieter comedy then, you know, say, Neighbors or Bridesmaids or something.

You and Bobby Cannavale are together in real life. What’s it like working with your partner on set?
It’s fun. We’ve done three jobs together now and they’re all so different. I think it’s really just an economic choice for the producers because they only have to get one car [Laughs].

Was Nick a third wheel at all like in the film?
Nick was wearing a lot of hats. He was producing, he had created the story, so he was too busy to be worried about that. We were in small quarters, so luckily we all got along.

This year’s winter was absolutely brutal and you guys were filming in upstate New York. Did you face any challenges with that?
That was intense. It was hard because they were trying to transition from winter to spring and it was just impossible, because this winter was the worst one in 20 years. The snow was relentless, and we had to shovel things around. There’s a sequence in the pool that was difficult because the pool wasn’t heated, and it was freezing, and it was freezing outside, so that was brutal.

You have a very diverse, very impressive resume of roles that you’ve taken on. Do you have a favorite to watch, and do you have a favorite to shoot?
I just watch them all constantly around my walls; they’re just projecting me in all of my various roles. [Laughs] But I just finished watching Transparent and I really loved it. I just finished watching The Slap on NBC, which is based on an Australian novel, and I really enjoyed that. I suppose I’ve been watching more series lately, yeah.

Read more at the source (Nylon)

And here’s another premiere for Adult Beginners! Rose promoted her new movie once again but now in New York, she was joined by Bobby Cannavale, who is also part of the movie. She was wearing an outfit by Altuzarra, get more informations here! A few HQs and 50+ MQs have been added to the gallery.

Public Appearances > 2015 > New York ‘Adult Beginners’ Premeire | April, 21

Rose joined The Today Show (NBC) on April 22 to talk about her new film, “Adult Beginners” where she takes in her estranged brother who’s life fell apart, and she compares the sibling drama to her own relationship with family. Click on the image below to watch the clip!

He got his first real acting break in crime thriller Two Hands alongside fellow Australian Rose Byrne when he was 20. And once his Hollywood career was launched in movies like The Patriot, Monster Ball and, perhaps most famously, Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger opened his Los Angeles home to struggling Aussie actors.

Recalling his inordinate generosity, Dallas Doll star Rose, who is judging this year’s Heath Ledger scholarship programme, told Sunrise on Wednesday: ‘He was an incredibly generous guy. […] He always had multiple people staying at his house, like me. There was an open-door policy, he always helped, and he would always pay for everything.’

The actress, who met the star on Two Hands – in which they played on-screen lovers- and later become a close friend in real life, said Ledger put himself out to help others. ‘He was such a generous person and that scholarship continues that spirit on.’

The Sydney-born star is on the judging panel of this year’s scholarship programme alongside actors Vince Vaughn and Ben Mendelsohn. Heath died at age 28, as a result of an accidental overdose of six different types of prescription medications in New York in 2008. His legacy of giving continues, however, in the scholarship that offers $10,000 grants to give Australia’s rising stars the chance to emulate the Oscar winner’s experience as an actor.

Read more + Watch video here

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